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Sail Loft Surf Shack Catering

As we have grown further we decided that from now on it would be great if we came to your door! 


As Sail Loft Surf Shack family we are now providing a boutique catering service. 


We don't really cook from the book or any particular recipe; we cook in our own way and taste. We listen to you, understand your desires and jump into our aprons to design your dream-meals. 


We are against discrimination! We don't distinguish Ottoman, Italian, French or Spanish cuisines. We serve as a restaurant and yet prepare a friendly encounter. 


So from now on, you'll have the delight of feeling just like at Sail Loft Surf Shack Bodrum no matter where you are! 


"But how?" Well you can ask to thousands of people that we made happy in Istanbul Coffee Festival 2016! ;)

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