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We proudly have opened our new office in Istanbul where our motto "sharing is caring" lives on.

Why don't you join us, get creative and experience the Sail Loft lifestyle while waiting for this summer all together? 

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Opened with a smooth breeze in 2000, Sail Loft was the dream of one to create the best windsurfing school for beginners in Turkey. We share and teach our passion to boys & girls of all ages with the best gear available in the industry. While the big boys sleep, the Kids Club coaches the little ones and shares the thirst for windsurfing

in a safe and pedagogical environment.


Over the years, we grew bigger with an eclectic contemporary touch of the dreamers. As we grew, stormy desires

created the surfer’s paradise where people can practice sport and have fun. 


Hearts of many adventure seekers and city runaways, who united their passion, made Sail Loft a unique hideout, where you can easily leave your stress and worries.


The daily sunset parties lead to sleepless nights where nothing is planned but it all happens anyways. So much as we were born as a surfing school, we now became a lifestyle brand.

We are one big family with salty skin and sandy feet!

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